Mammoth mini publishing/FAQ

Mammoth publishing.

Do you like to sculpt miniatures, but don't have the means to cast and distribute them yourself? Good news, Now we can do it for you!

Mammoth publishing allows traditional miniature sculptors to publish their miniatures via mammoth miniatures - We produce the moulds, cast the figures and handle all the postage, and you recieve 65% of the profit from every single sale of your sculpts, all whilst retaining the rights to your work. 

We will produce an initial run of miniautres based on the cost of mould production, and once that run has sold out we can either keep the mould in our inventory and continue to sell your sculpts as cast on demand orders, or you can request the mould for yourself. 

We want to encourage traditional miniature sculpting and design, So if you'd like to have your work cast and distributed by us, just get in touch! 

Current sculptors

Banhus Miniatures 

Banhus Miniatures is the creative moniker of Jacob Adams, an aspiring miniature sculptor based in the UK. 

Pronounced: "bahn-hoos"
Translation: bone-house

An Anglo-Saxon 'word painting' referring to the body almost exclusively found in poetry, banhus is an example of a kenning, from the Old Icelandic kenna - "to know". Kennings are words that are in themselves metaphorical descriptions.

"Given sculpting involves building up putty, the "hus", over the armature, the "ban", the name just chose itself when I stumbled across it. I'm influenced by 1980s miniature sculpting, British folklore, Medieval aesthetics, fortean phenomena, family histories of making things and telling stories of deer-headed men in forests, the merging of human and fantastical forms. The weird, uncanny and unsettling creatures you find in the margins...

Hafud ("Head") is my first sculpt produced with reproduction in mind, inspired by a Marginalia figure found in the Maastricht Book of Hours. A bit of a statement of intent for the future and a personal hobby landmark in what is now a lifetime journey to hone a craft that does so much for my mental health and compulsion to create weird little things.

I'm over the moon to be partnering with Nic's Mammoth Miniatures to make my first sculpts available to people who share an affinity for weird little figures made with love."


Can I commision artwork/sculpting from you? Sure - Just send an email through the contacts page with a rough outline of what you're looking to commission and we'll get back to you with an estimated cost.

Why are you so slow at restocking certain items? Almost everything sold on this site is made or cast by me - things like super tiny skirmish or metal badges need to be cut or cast and finished by myself. That means that some items can take a while to restock as I make enough of them to meet demand. 

Payment methods: Right now Mammoth miniatures can only accept payment through paypal. If you can't use paypal but wish to make a purchase, Just drop us an Email and we'll try to sort your order.

Delivery: We send orders every friday and tuesday morning. All orders are sent via royal mail.

Problems: If there's an issue with your order, Just drop us an email using the address on the contact page and we'll try our best to sort it for you.


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